Frequenty Asked Questions

Do you need a ticket to attend?

Yes, if you want to participate in the drive or Aquarium dinner. Tickets are not required for the Friday night gathering or the Saturday morning hike.

How about for kids?

Ticket is required for kids 3-12 since our catering company still charges for kids. Kids under 3 are free.

Do you have to participate in all events?

Not at all! You can pick and choose which events to participate in. If you’d rather explore Chattanooga on your own, that’s fine, too!

What do I need to bring to the event?

As long as you have access to your ticket via your email or a printed copy, that’s all you need to bring to the event. Our volunteers will scan your ticket during registration.

I have issues purchasing my tickets. What can I do?

Please email and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Will there be food at the event?

We will have water at the event site. Please eat lunch before coming to the event.

Do I have to be there at 1 PM?

As long as you come before we start getting ready to leave, you’re fine. The couple hours before the drive allows Tesla enthusiasts to hang out before the drive.

What kind of activities will be there at the event?

Lots of things. We’ll have music playing, cornholes, summon race and the usual Tesla shenanigans 😉

Does the ticket include the ticket to the aquarium?

Yes to the River Journey which is the bigger part of the Aquarium. We have full exhibit access between 7-10 PM. We are currently working with the Aquarium to provide discounted tickets for the Ocean Journey building, too.

Do you have a partner hotel?

Yes, we are partnering with Courtyard Chattanooga Downtown at a rate for $134 per night with breakfast included. You can book here:

Where can I charge?

We have a Tesla Supercharger by the airport, but there are many Chargepoint and other J1772 chargers in Downtown. You can see the charging locations here: